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Director Class Butler Henderson

Power type                       Steam

Designer                          John G. Robinson

Builder                              Great Central Railway (11)    Kitson & Co. (12)   Armstrong Whitworth (12)

Build date                         1919–1924

Total produced                 35



Configuration                    4-4-0

UIC classification              2′B h2

Gauge                               4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm)

Leading wheel diameter   3 ft 6 in (1.067 m)

Driver diameter                 6 ft 9 in (2.057 m)

Locomotive weight            61.15 long tons (62.13 t)

Tender weight                   48.30 long tons (49.08 t)

Fuel type                           Coal

Boiler pressure                 180 psi (1.24 MPa)

Firegrate area                    26.5 sq ft (2.46 m2)

Superheater area              209 sq ft (19.4 m2)

CylindersTwo,                    inside

Cylinder size                      20 in × 26 in (508 mm × 660 mm)

Valve gear                         Stephenson

Valve type                         10 inches (254 mm) piston valves


Performance figures

Tractive effort                  19,645 lbf (87.4 kN)


Operator(s)                      Great Central Railway

                                        → London and North Eastern Railway

                                        → British Railways



GCR:                               11F

LNER:                              D11/1, D11/2

Power class                     BR: 3P2F

Disposition                      One preserved, remainder scrapped




The Great Central Railway Class 11F or Improved Director Class is a class of 4-4-0 steam locomotive designed by John G. Robinson for passenger work. The LNER classified them as Class D11 from 1923. They were based on the earlier GCR Class 11E "Director" class (LNER D10).

There were two subclasses: D11/1 were the original GCR engines and D11/2 were those built in 1924 by the LNER to a reduced loading gauge with smaller boiler mountings for hauling passenger trains in Scotland.

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