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Eagle eyed visitors to our facility might have spotted that our signal box is in a slightly different location and  different design from the archive photos of Barrow Hill.  The original signal box served the line to the Springwell branch and was dismantled soon after the branch was closed.  


The Signal Box



Our present signal box was originally located beside the level crossing on Station Road, Pinxton.  It was classified as a Midland Railway type 2b and fitted with a 28 lever tumbler frame.  It started operating on 24th January 1897 and replaced the Pinxton Station signal box.  An arson attack damaged the box on 25th December 1996 and it needed significant repair.  The final closure of the box was on the 6th August 2007 when it was then moved to Barrow Hill for preservation.  This process was not without complications as the dismantling operation was carried out alongside a working line.


The interior of the signal box can be viewed during our many galas and it provides a unique view of our yard.  The reason for the slight change of location was three fold; to bring it within the protection of our outer security fence, to position it within sight of the sidings it might eventually control and to provide safe access for our visitors during galas.

Original location, dismantling and re-location.

BHESS 2013.882.1

The original signal box.  As you may see the branch line has already been cut, the coaling stage has long gone and the motive power is Diesel.

This short film, available on the internet, shows the Pinxton Signal box in its original location.

Installed at Barrow Hill


Open for visitors but work still ongoing to bring it to life.

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