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Photograph collections

We have a vast number of photographs which have been put in our care on the mutual understanding that, to honour the intentions of the photographer, they should be displayed and not just kept in a locked drawer for eternity.  


We have digitised these photographs to protect them against damage and deterioration.  Where we have been able to contact the copyright holder we have put them on this website for your enjoyment.  We have grouped these photographs into logical collections, either by subject or photographer.


All digitised photos may be viewed by visiting the archives during an event or during weekends.  If you have a special request then we will do our best to find the photographs for you.

If you have any photographs of local locomotives, rolling stock or Barrow Hill please get in touch, they deserve to be shared.  We will have a yearly review of contributers' photographs and will give prizes for original and unusual photographs.


Please understand that by sharing your photograph with us, it is on the understanding that we will put it on this website.  We will not use it for any commercial purpose without your express permission and will watermark it if you wish.

Share your photographs

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