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Barrow Hill Roundhouse Discipline Book

This book represents a unique insight into the working life of Barrow Hill employees.  


The book itself is in a really poor condition and just touching it results in the pages crumbling away.  Although a  page has been reproduced here, the file size needed to publish all of the pages on the web is prohibitive.  However, if you have a particular interest we are happy to email you imges of the appropriate pages to assist your research.  Please follow the 'Get involved' link on the main Archive Pages tab and complete the submission form with your request.

Please scroll down the sheet below in your research.  

Discipline Book
page from discipline book

Examples of entries (names omitted)


Cautioned                 For running E 2424 into turntable hole at Staveley 9/9/12

fined 2/6                   Failing to hold points properly at Buxton

Cautioned                For putting E 1758 with back part of R tender brake adjusting rod broken in the eye and not reporting it

Reprimanded           For putting E1759 away with long steam pipe flange ? flange broke and not reporting it

Reprimanded           Putting E 1963 away with R injector short feed pipe cracked against flange and not reporting it

Cautioned                To avoid causing annoyance to residents near the railway by allowing engine to blow off steam    Totley Brook

Sharply Cautioned   Losing time through bad judgement working ? Northwich to Staveley

Cautioned                For negligence when assisting in rear, whereby train being divided and delay caused, Bell House Curve and for not properly reporting the case.

Fined 2/6                 For allowing 309 to leave the rails through allowing the point handle to slip

Cautioned               Not exercising more care and damaging Staveley Cos wagon, Furnace Yard Staveley

Fined 3/6                 Negligence whereby a collision was caused between engines and slight damage done Staveley

Cautioned               Dropping Tablet Ireland colliery and causing it to be broken

Suspended 2 days  Irregular conduct by larking in mess room and thereby causing a Driver to be injured

Discharged             Irregular conduct Striking J G Taylor in Shed and Stores

Suspended 2 day    sIdling time away

Cautioned                Washing hands in Company time

Cautioned                For disregarding rule 55 Stretton Goods ? Home signal

Fined 1/-                  Taking keys to engine home

Cautioned               To Strictly obey orders in Future, (Had been instructed to Lodge at Canklow being on excessive hours, but having no food, came home)

Reprimanded         For allowing trimmings of engine to get into a very dirty condition resulting in axlebox getting hot when working mineral train

Gratuity 2/-             For extinguishing fire in wagon of Coke, Holbrook

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