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Dave Darwin Collection

Dave has been a locoman for 60 years.  Born in 1939 he left school at 15 in December 1954.  He started work as a cleaner at Barrow Hill on the 10th January 1955.  He was made a passed cleaner a year later in 1956 and progressed to registered fireman in 1960.


He worked on his last steam locomotive in 1968 and moved over to working with Diesels, passed for driving in 1973.  A year later he moved to Worksop as a driver, joining in December 1974.


He finally retired from EWS in May 2003 after spending 49 years in footplate grades.  He is now a volunteer back here at Barrow Hill Roundhouse and is responsible for most shunting operations carried out on site.


Early Years Collection


Diesel Days Collection

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